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  • CHESS Director David Gustafson, Ph.D. named to the National Academy of Engineering Class of 2013. The academy cited Gustafson for industrial and systems engineering methods to improve care for aging patients and those who suffer from lung cancer, severe asthma or drug addiction.
  • "Effects of a mHealth intervention for alcohol relapse prevention", which presented results of an interactive and innovative smartphone based platform for helping patients with alcohol addiction remain clean won the 2012 iMedicalApps-mHealth Summit Research Award. The award was announced at the 2012 mHealth Summit.
  • Fiona McTavish was one of nine UW-Madison professionals to be honored at the 2007 Academic Staff Excellence Awards on May 15th. Fiona received the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research, Critical Research Support.
  • Timothy Baker, Ph.D. was awarded the James McKeen Cattell Award for Lifetime Achievement from the American Psychological Society in 2006.
  • Unraveling uses and effects of an interactive cancer communication system. Han, J.Y., Hawkins, R.P., Shaw, B., Pingree, S., McTavish, F. & Gustafson, D., was awarded the Top 3 Faculty Paper Award by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). Jeong Yeob presented this award-winning paper, which was selected out of 112 submissions to the Communication Technology Division, at the AEJMC annual conference in San Francisco, August 2-5.
  • On the validity of client-side vs server-side Web log data analysis. Yun, G. W., Ford, J., Hawkins, R. P., Pingree, S., McTavish, F., Gustafson, D., & Berhe, H. (2006). Internet Research, 16 (5), 537-552 Highly Commended Winner at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2007

Jeong Yeob Han (pictured on the left) was awarded a Top Student-led paper from Health Communication Division of International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, which was held May 24-28 in San Francisco. The paper, "Exploring the role of expressing positive emotion within online support groups on women with breast cancer" also includes co-authors from our Center were Bret Shaw, Robert Hawkins, Suzanne Pingree, Fiona McTavish, and David Gustafson.