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Interactive Cancer Communication Systems' (ICCS) Directed Physical Activity Enhancement for Colon Cancer Survivors

Funded by: National Cancer Institute
Principal Investigators: David Gustafson, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison & Deborah Mayer, Ph.D., University of North Carolina

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A new interactive cancer communication system (ICCS) called Survivorship Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (CHESS) will be developed and tested to promote lifestyle change among colon cancer survivors. The study will test the efficacy of Survivorship CHESS to help newly diagnosed colon cancer survivors increase their physical activity, decrease distress, and improve quality of life.

The Need

Strong evidence indicates that a sedentary lifestyle contributes not only to the incidence of colon cancer but also an increased risk of recurrence and mortality after diagnosis. To date, physical activity programs for cancer survivors have been delivered via face-to-face or telephone counseling, interventions that are costly and have limited reach. Interactive cancer communication systems (ICCS) can deliver more precisely tailored physical activity interventions to broader populations of survivors. This approach may be more effective than other delivery methods because of the dynamic interaction with the user and the ability to continuously adapt the programs and services offered based on users' needs in real time.


Survivorship CHESS will be designed to help survivors develop 1) competence in information gathering, decision making, and behaviors they are trying to change; 2) social support systems to help cope with the cancer experience; and 3) autonomy that comes with regaining a sense of control over their lives. Improving in these areas will in turn help them adopt or maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors and improve their quality of life. Recruitment will take place over a two-year period and include men and women newly diagnosed with local or regional colon cancer; a total sample size of 294 participants will be recruited across three sites. Once on study the participants will be randomized into one of two groups: usual care or Survivorship CHESS. Five assessments will be completed over a 12-month period.

Partners/Participant Sites
	Helene McDowell, MS
	Project Director
	University of Wisconsin-Madison
	(608) 262-1753
	Fiona McTavish
	CHESS Deputy Director
	Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies
	University of Wisconsin-Madison
	(608) 262-7852

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