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Projects > Integration of Substance Abuse and Primary Care in FQHCs

Integration of Substance Abuse and Primary Care in FQHCs
NACHC/NIATx Collaborative

Giving community health centers and their substance abuse treatment organization partners, the tools and technical assistance needed to integrate substance abuse treatment services into their operations.


Participants in the NACHC/NIATx Learning Collaborative receive technical assistance on:

  1. Strategies to contract for substance abuse treatment services; and
  2. How to apply the evidence-based practice, “Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment”.

Key features

  • Two day kick off event held in October, 2010
  • Networking and continued learning phase: on-going interaction between the participants, faculty, and coaches, via teleconference and webinars
  • Individual coach site visit and teleconference coaching
  • Prototype Sharing & Promising Practices Demonstration Event: July 2011, Boston
  • Travel stipends to attend face to face meetings provided by CSAT

Time Period

The NACHC/NIATx Learning Collaborative begins in October 2010 and will conclude in July 2011.