Research Brief: Process Improvement in Addiction Treatment

Quality improvement for the treatment of alcohol and drug disorders is of paramount concern among drug and alcohol treatment facilities. NIATx implemented evidence-based decision-making practices to show that process improvement contributes to the improved efficiency of treatment facilities. Read the complete research brief


The NIATx Business Case Technical Assistance Report

What is the business case for improving treatment access and retention?
In this Technical Assistance Report, learn how process improvement affects the bottom line, workforce development, and competitive advantage. Read full report

NIATx Communities of Commitment and Change

Communities of Commitment and Change: The Network for Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NIATx) members have built a powerful alliance that has placed process improvement on payer and provider agendas. Less than four years after the inception of NIATx, member organizations have achieved innovator status within the addiction treatment field. Leaders among the NIATx membership have committed to bold future goals that will help them advance their status as leaders in an evolving and challenged field. To help members achieve these goals and to offer support to the field at large, the National Program Office (NPO) is developing Network Communities that will support the significant potential for improving performance among its participants. Full details will be announced at the NIATx Summit

Events & Presentations

April 23-25, 2007