Paths To Recovery
1 October 2004
Involving the Customer
Volume 1, Issue 2

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Ping-Pong Balls?
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NIATx members form internal "Change Teams" that look at agency processes from staff and client perspectives to find ways of improving access and retention to addiction services.

At one of the first Change Team meetings at Vanguard Services Unlimited's Deep Run Lodge Program, a residential program for teenage boys and girls from across the Commonwealth of Virginia, team members were brainstorming ways to engage new clients and keep them motivated to complete treatment. What would help prevent clients from leaving the program without permission, even though treatment was clearly what they needed? Would you believe - ping-pong balls?

NIATx Presentations

  • Dec. 12-15, 2004
    Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) 16th Annual Forum
    Orlando, Florida

How to Conduct a Walk-through
A walk-through - from the perspective of a "client" and "family member" - will help you to more fully understand the strengths and limitations of the processes that facilitate access to and early engagement in your agency's treatment programs.  READ MORE
PTS Learns from Client's Experience
No agency wants clients to be uncomfortable or face challenges when they make the difficult step and seek treatment. It does happen though, and it was a problem at Perinatal Treatment Services (PTS) in Seattle, Washington. Since the agency decided to take on improving client care, a number of important changes have been made that improve clients' first experiences at PTS and keep clients engaged in treatment. READ MORE

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