ACTION Campaign update

ACTION Campaign recruits more than 500 new agencies!

“Our original projections were to recruit 500 agencies over an 18-month period,” says Campaign Director Kim Johnson. “With this early success we are optimistic that we can easily grow to 1000 agencies or more over the next year.”

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NIATx process improvement model expands to mental health

Stanley Street Treatment and Resources (SSTAR) is a non-profit health care and social service agency, providing a wide range of mental health and substance abuse treatment services to people throughout the communities of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. After using the NIATx model successfully to improve its substance abuse treatment services, SSTAR expanded process improvement to its mental health services. The result: improved service to referral sources, an increase in the daily census, and an improved bottom line.

“Most of our referrals come from five psychiatric hospitals, and they know what SSTAR DDASS and Dual Diagnosis Detoxification Service is like. By the time they call us, they know that the patient is appropriate for our service and the insurance company as already approved it. We decided to consider these five psychiatric hospitals our “preferred providers,” and that we would always be able to give them an immediate “yes” if a bed was available.

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NIATx/SAAS Joint Conference - Call for Presentations

NIATx is pleased to announce a Call for Presentations for the 2008 SAAS National Conference and NIATx Annual Summit.

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Events & Presentations

June 22-25, 2008
  • NIATx/SAAS Joint Conference
    • Orlando, Florida