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NIATx eNews Update

June 2016

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Telemedicine use in addiction treatment

A NIATx project surveyed addiction treatment payers in five states and one county to find out more about their use of telemedicine.

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NIATx Change Leader Academy: Clients and case managers benefit from NIATx Change Projects.

"This change project showed how for years we were actually creating more work for ourselves. Now, we'’re nipping problems in the bud by being proactive",” says Michael Vocar, Director of Customer Service at IMPACT.

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The Integration Institute

The ATTC Network Coordinating Office announces a new 10-month learning collaborative that will provide an overview of integration models and the essential tools and resources needed for the successful integration of services.

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Peer support and podcasts: St. Chirstopher’s Inn reduces weekend discharges against clinical advice

A new promising practice at St. Christopher’s combines peer support with Internet technology to keep its clients in treatment on the weekends and beyond.

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Visit the ATTC/NIATx Service Improvement Blog

Get the latest information on Hepatitis C in this interview with expert Corinna Dan.

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Find out what's new on the ATTC/NIATx Network of Practice

Have a question for an expert? Post it in one of the Network of Practice “Ask an Expert” forums.

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