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NIATx eNews Update

November 2015

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NIATx Researchers Present at AHSR Conference

Dr. Andrew Quanbeck moderated a panel presentation that featured new approaches to addressing today's challenges in addiction treatment.

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New Grant will Test NIATx in Integrated Services, Co-occurring Disorders

A new study will use the NIATx model to increase access to integrated health care services for people with co-occurring disorders. Dr. Jay Ford of the UW-Madison and Dr. Mark McGovern of Dartmouth lead the study.

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Learn to Love Your Data

By collecting data before, during, and after the change you implement in a NIATx change project, you can measure, evaluate, and compare your progress toward the goals you set.

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Research Update: NIATx in Correctional Settings

Two articles describe how the NIATx model was used to improve access to HIV services in in correctional settings as part of the NIDA-funded HIV Services and Treatment Implementation in Corrections (HIV-STIC) study.

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The ATTC/NIATx Service Improvement Blog: Read the latest posts

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