1 August 2005
E-News Update
Volume 2, Issue 3

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State Pilot Projects
State Pilots

Welcome the new Paths to Recovery members of NIATx! Click on the links below to read the storyboard presentations in the last Learning Collaborative Session held in Phoenix, AZ:

For specific information about each of these organizations - i.e., size, clientele, location - then CLICK HERE.

  • Measurement Basics
  • Cost-effectiveness of Addiction Treatment
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NIATx Presentations

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  • May 11, 2005
    Conference Call for NY State Addiction Tx Providers Interested in Forming a Process Improvement Collaborative
    Contact Mat Roosa at Central New York Services in Syracuse NY for details: (315) 478-2453, or through


As you go about making change in your organization, there are a few questions that naturally arise: (1) How will you know which changes worked and which did not? (2) How will you know which changes resulted in an improvement? (3) Which change(s) is the most important and resulted in the most significant improvement? [READ MORE]

Known as the Green Book, "The Economic Benefits of Drug Treatment: A Critical Review of the Evidence for Policy Makers" was jointly published by the Treatment Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, the National Rural Alcohol and Drug Abuse Network (NRADAN) and the Alcohol and Drug Problems Association of North America (ADPA) and has been widely disseminated among legislators and alcohol and drug treatment providers in 40 states. [READ MORE]

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