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Who should participate in the walk-through?

Posted by daveg on Friday, June 04, 2010 at 12:12 PM

Select two people from your organization to play the roles of “client” and “family member.” The two of you will need to be detail-oriented and committed to making the most of this exercise. To ensure that your experiences will be as realistic and informative as possible, present yourselves as dealing with an addiction you are familiar with, and thus are able to consider the needs of people with that particular addiction issue.

For more information view How to Perform a Walk-through.

Re: Who should participate in the walk-through?

Posted by BOwens on 07/08/2010 02:17 PM

Really, every staff person involved in the process you are "walking through" is a participant. Prior to the two people enacting the walk-through, they will let staff know what and why the organization is doing this. Of course we emphasize that processesnot individuals are the primary focus of the walk-through.
The staff who are encountered during the actual walk-through are encouraged to do their job as usual and should understand that we are interested in learning from them too. They will be asked what it's like to be in their position, how satisfying is it to do what they do, what barriers they see as to providing a great experience for the client---essentially, how well does the process work from their perspective?

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