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NIATx and Health Care Reform

NIATx offers several resources and programs to help addiction and mental health treatment providers prepare for the changes that health care reform and parity will bring.

NIATx Third-party Billing Guide

This guide is intended to help agencies make the transition to billing for their services. It provides step-by-step help for agencies with no third-party billing capacity. For agencies that have some or even extensive experience with billing, the guide gives suggestions for improving collections and strengthening the business practices that are essential to stability and growth.

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NIATx-SI: Business Practices for the Future Learning Collaborative, Phase 1: Fee for Service

By 2014, addiction treatment agencies will need to develop business systems that meet the requirements of insurance-based billing (e.g., Medicaid, health exchanges, and private sector health plans). NIATx-SI: Business Practices for the Future Learning Collaborative offers technical assistance for designing a billing system,improving collections,and becoming a preferred provider.

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Integration of Substance Abuse and Primary Care in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)- National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC)/NIATx Collaborative

This Learning Collaborative will give community health centers and their substance abuse treatment organization partners the tools and technical assistance they need to develop working relationships that may include referrals, co-location, partnership agreements or even mergers with substance abuse treatment services.

NACHC/NIATx Learning Collaborative Goals

Sites selected to participate in the NACHC/NIATx Learning Collaborative will receive technical assistance on:

  1. Strategies to contract for substance abuse treatment services
  2. Strategies to apply the evidence-based practice, "Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment"

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Accelerating Reform Collaborative (ARC)

ARC is a coaching/web-based learning program to help behavioral health providers prepare for health reform.

ARC will help you:

  • Assess your organization's readiness for health reform
  • Fast track your thinking to plan for the future
  • Find out what peers and experts are thinking and doing regarding health reform
  • Receive valuable feedback from peers and experts on ideas you are considering
  • Create a short/medium range action plan to help your organization adapt to a new way of doing business

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Accelerating Reform Initiative

The NIATX Accelerating Reform Initiative(ARI) gives behavioral health care organizations the tools and peer supports they need to respond to the sweeping changes that parity, health care integration, and decreased grant funding may bring. ARI helps participating organizations:

  • Develop partnerships with primary care and community health centers to improve the health care infrastructure
  • Enhance their ability to use technology to share information, deliver treatment, and respond to modified payment and billing systems
  • Market services to those newly covered
  • Educate and recruit the workforce

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NIATx and Health Reform Resources Archive

This webpage contains materials gathered from participants in various learning collaborations and presentations from the experts and coaches leading them.

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