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Video Post - Our change team is stuck...what next? daveg 12/7/2010
02:41 PM
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Video Post - Myths of the Walkthrough daveg 9/9/2010
12:07 PM
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What is the evidence that NIATx works? daveg 6/14/2010
02:21 PM
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Video Post - How do I find the time to do NIATx? I'm already totally strapped for time, and short-staffed as well. daveg 6/14/2010
02:13 PM
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How often should we do change projects? daveg 6/14/2010
02:03 PM
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Does NIATx help with staff retention? daveg 6/14/2010
02:02 PM
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How can increasing engagement improve my bottom line? daveg 6/4/2010
02:12 PM
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Why do I need to collect data, and how do I do it? daveg 6/4/2010
01:43 PM
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How do I get staff engaged in making changes? daveg 6/4/2010
01:10 PM
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Video Post - What do I do if my program is already full? daveg 6/4/2010
12:41 PM
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How do I choose a change project? daveg 6/4/2010
12:27 PM
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Who should participate in the walk-through? daveg 6/4/2010
12:12 PM
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