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Why do I need to collect data, and how do I do it?

Posted by daveg on Friday, June 04, 2010 at 01:43 PM

You’ve completed your walk-through and decided on one process that you want to change. Now it’s time to start collecting baseline, or pre-change data. But what do you collect and how do you collect it?

NIATx Change Teams use data to measure whether or not a change project is having the desired results. Collecting data before, during and after a change tells you and your team whether or not a change is working.

Keep it simple.
Collecting baseline data may sound like a complex process, but we've developed some resources to help. The NIATx Tracking and Measuring Tools provide a set of data collection forms and spreadsheets that help you track, evaluate, and graph your data.
Click here for more information on collecting data.

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