Attitudes toward medication-assisted treatment: barriers and facilitators

Submitted by: 09/02/2015 by Maureen Fitzgerald

The NIATx Ohio Buprenorphine Implementation Study is examining ways to increase use of buprenorphine in Ohio. In the study, led by NIATx Co-Deputy Director Dr. Todd Molfenter, Ohio payers (county boards) and addiction treatment providers are randomized into two study groups. One group uses the NIATx model to implement medication; the other combines the NIATx model with payer-level change strategies.

Dr. Molfenter’s article “Implementing buprenorphine in addiction treatment: payer and provider perspectives” recently published in Substance Abuse Treatment Prevention and Policy, describes some of the barriers and facilitators to implementing buprenorphine that the study team has identified so far.

Read a summary of the paper that appears in the August 2015 Harvard Medical School’s Recovery Research Institute newsletter.

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