From Massachusetts to Moscow: Exchange Program adapts mobile app for Russian women

Submitted by: 09/02/2015 by Maureen Fitzgerald

Innovation has always been part of the culture at Stanley Street Treatment and Resources (SSTAR). The agency’s cutting-edge approach to addiction treatment and recovery service have included participating in Paths to Recovery (the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation project that launched the NIATx model) and international projects to help other countries improve their addiction treatment systems. 

A recent exchange project with a Russian agency is working on translating and tailoring Addiction CHESS (A-CHESS) for Russian women with substance use disorders.

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Aaron Brett, Supervisor of the Community Support Program at SSTAR’s Fall River location, was part of a team that traveled to Russia in 2014 for the exchange. Read about his experience in this article, recently published in Addiction Professional: Consider learning opportunities with colleagues abroad

“Members of both organizations have had the fantastic opportunity to experience and learn about a different culture while improving addiction treatment in both locations,” he writes.

NIATX Deputy Director Kim Johnson also travelled with the SSTAR group in 2014. Read about her experience in her post on the ATTC/NIATx Service Improvement Blog: NIATx Principle #4: Getting ideas…from outside the country.

Have you travelled to learn about the addiction treatment and recovery services in other countries? What was your experience?  Email to share your story with the NIATx E-news!

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