NIATx E-news Roundup 2015

Submitted by: 01/13/2016 by Maureen Fitzgerald

In 2015, we featured stories about organizations new to NIATx, as well as some that have been with NIATx since its beginnings.  Here’s a recap of some of our top stories.

Prairie Ridge: Better tomorrow than we are today

Prairie Ridge Addiction Treatment Services in Iowa was one of the first organizations to implement NIATx. Executive Director Jay Hansen describes how NIATx continues as part of the agency’s culture today.

BHBusiness Learning Network: “Results were immediate—enrollments began increasing right away!”

“We were thrilled to discover the Promising Practices section on the NIATx website, where we found a treasure trove of information, organized by aim, including increasing admissions,” says Deb Freed, MBA, Marketing and Public Relations Director at Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Center.

The Journey to Excellence with NIATx: First Step Home

First Step Home is a treatment program for women in recovery and their children in Cincinnati. NIATx change projects over the last few years have increased show rates, continuation, and retention.

Growing and changing with NIATx: Kentucky River Community Care

“There’s no question that our growth is due to using NIATx and improving our new programs as they grew,” says Clinical Director Mike Kadish.

Clients and case managers benefit from NIATx Change project

“This change project showed how for years, we were actually creating more work for ourselves. Now, we’re nipping problems in the bud by being proactive,” says Michael Vocar, Director, Customer Service at IMPACT in Milwaukee.

NIATx Change Leader Academy: A catalyst to become the organization we always thought we were!

“With the NIATx Change Leader Academy, we learned hands-on how to do the model during the two-day training so we were ready to hit the ground running when we got back to the office.” Robert Lathers, LMSW, CEO, Ionia County Community Mental Health, Ionia, Michigan.

Arapahoe House Celebrates 40 Years

“Too often, organizations get caught in the trap of not clearly defining a problem,” says Arapahoe House CEO Art Schut. The NIATx focus on one issue at a time has made me an advocate—we pick one issue, define it well, and then see if we can change it.”

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