Change team lost its steam?

Submitted by: 03/03/2016 by Maureen Fitzgerald

Change team lost its steam?   It can happen, especially if a change project has continued for more than a few weeks. If your change team is losing interest and energy, get back on track with these strategies from the NIATx Process Improvement Toolbox

Let the data tell the story.  Have you checked the data to see if the change is an improvement? Seeing even a small improvement can re-energize your team.  And if the data is showing that the change isn’t working, re-motivate your team with a new rapid cycle. Need some ideas for how to collect data? Visit the Forms and Templates page on the NIATx website.

Celebrate every success. Did your change show an improvement, even a small one?  Publicize the results in your employee newsletter, or announce the gain in an all- staff meeting. These kinds of public celebrations bring recognition to your team’s efforts and also educate others about the change project process.  

What’s it like to be your customer? Involve a customer. Does your change team include someone who has received services at your organization? If not, invite a consumer to join the team and share their perspective on the process or system your team is targeting.  Find out more in the NIATx YouTube video: Our Change Team is Stuck…What Next?

Choose a theme for your change project.  If your change team includes basketball fans, take a look at Getting Things Done—it could provide inspiration for a March Madness change project!  

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