Help turn the tide on the opioid epidemic

Submitted by: 09/09/2016 by Maureen Fitzgerald

Since 2003, NIATx has worked to help behavioral health organizations increase patient access to and retention in treatment. Along the way, we’ve also hosted national projects to facilitate the use of evidence-based practices, such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), for substance use disorders.

As part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes counseling, MAT has proven effectiveness in helping patients embrace a life of recovery. Yet, MAT for opioid use disorders remains underutilized in U.S. treatment agencies.

That’s why we’re excited by the letter the Surgeon General sent recently to 23 million U.S. physicians, asking them to help solve our nation’s opioid use epidemic. He’s asking them to learn more about pain management and offer evidence-based treatment to patients with an opioid use disorder. He’s also asking them to talk about and treat addiction as a chronic illness, not a moral failing.

Please read the letter, then go to and join NIATx and health professionals across the country in taking the pledge to end the opioid epidemic.


Dave Gustafson, PhD
Principal Investigator, Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies
Director, NIATx

Todd Molfenter, PhD
Senior Scientist, Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies
Deputy Director, NIATx 

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