Success Story Database: NIATx Wisconsin Mental Health Readmissions Collaborative

Submitted by: 04/16/2018 by Maureen Fitzgerald

The NIATx Wisconsin Mental Health Readmissions Learning Collaborative has been funded by the Wisconsin Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services since 2010 to help Wisconsin counties improve services in the state’s publicly funded mental health treatment system.

The collaboratives run on a yearly cycle. Each cohort begins with a kick-off meeting in January, followed by several months of support and coaching calls from NIATx coaches. Participants use the NIATx 5 x 5 (five PowerPoint slides in five minutes) format to share the results of their change projects at a final close-out session in October.

All presentations are now available in the NIATx Success Story database. View these PowerPoints to find out more and see how the WI Mental Health Readmissions Collaborative participants have improved care transitions and reduced hospital readmissions.   

Visit the NIATx Success Story Database: Reduce Re-admissions

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