2010 SAAS Conference/NIATx Summit: “Absolutely worth your time”

Submitted by: 08/04/2010

The 2010 SAAS Conference/NIATx Summit attracted more than 700 attendees from all 50 states and Puerto Rico, setting a new attendance record. Leslie Brody, programs administrator at Comprehensive Counseling Service, a Division of Community Behavioral Health, Inc. in Middletown, Ohio was among the many attendees from the Buckeye state.

With more than a decade in the field, Leslie runs the organization’s programs for adult substance abuse and mental health, carries a caseload, supervises staff, writes grants, and develops new programs.

As a first-time attendee, Leslie was looking for information that she would be able to use right away at her organization. She found exactly that—in fact, she’ll be giving a presentation to her staff later this month. 

“I especially appreciated the presentations on the NIATx principles and medication-assisted treatment,” she reports.

As a participant in the Rapid-Fire NIATx workshop, Leslie got some immediate feedback on ways Comprehensive Counseling Service can improve its processes. “This helped me see how quickly the NIATx model works and that you don’t have to do an intervention for an entire year to decide whether it works or not.”

Attending the workshop Best Practices for Reducing Initial No-Shows: A Process Benchmarking Exercise helped Leslie learn what really works for reducing no-shows. 

The plenary speakers offered useful and accessible information, says Leslie:

“The final speaker (Howard Meitiner, President and CEO, Phoenix House) gave a great message for me to take back to my staff: that we need to adjust service to meet client needs, understand that the market is always changing, and change with it.”

How would Leslie describe the SAAS Conference/NIATx Summit to a colleague?

“It’s absolutely worth your time if you want to provide better services and improve outcomes.” 

Visit www.saasniatx.net to download workshop materials and view presentations

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