NIATx Opioid Treatment Program to present at this year's AATOD National Conference

Submitted by: 09/09/2010
Keywords: AATOD, Opioid Treatment Program

Participants in the NIATx Opioid Treatment Program will be holding their closeout session at this year's AATOD National Conference held October 23-27 in Chicago.  Participants will share their results from applying NIATx process improvement methods in their agencies.

The project is a year-long effort for 30 providers to improve access to and retention in treatment.  The goal of the day will be to celebrate success, share stories and learn some tools and techniques for spreading improvements through the agency when there are multiple sites and sustaining improvement over time once the project is complete.

This group will also lead a workshop "Improving Access and Retention in Treatment" for a broader audience,  which will share the results of working together to improve access to and retention in treatment using the NIATx model of process improvement. By making simple changes like decreasing paper work, reorganizing group times, staffing for intake and accelerating dosing these agencies reduced wait times, reduced no shows, improved group attendance and increased retention.  They will show you how they did it.

For more information on this year's AATOD conference, visit the National Conference website

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