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Submitted by: 10/12/2010

The NIATx Process Mapping project studied the flow of data in eight substance abuse treatment agencies for three processes: admission, discharge, and transfer between levels of care. Three recently published papers share the study results:

Ford II, J.H., Wise, M., Wisdom, J.P. (In Press) A Peek Inside the Box: How Information Flows through Substance Abuse Treatment Agencies. Journal of Technology in Human Services.

Wisdom, J.P.; Ford II, J.H. and McCarty D (In Press) The Use of Health Information Technology in Publically-funded U.S., Substance Abuse Treatment Agencies. Contemporary Drug Problems

Wisdom JP, Ford, JH, Wise M, Mackey D, Green CA. (In press). Substance Abuse Treatment Programs’ Data Management Capacity: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research.

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