NIATx-SI Business Practices for the Future: Fee-for-Service Launch

Submitted by: 11/03/2010
Keywords: Fee for Service, NIATx Si

Nearly 30 leaders from state and county governments or provider associations, representing 15 states, met in Madison on October 20 and 21 for the NIATx-SI Business Practices for the Future: Fee-for-Service launch. Each participant is designated as a “convener” that will work with 10 local treatment providers to develop the knowledge base and skills needed for one of three specific objectives: 1) create a billing system; 2) improve collections in an existing billing system; or 3) negotiate contracts to become a preferred provider with a third-party payer.

The first day of the launch included an overview of the program, leadership, and the convener’s role and responsibilities. The second day focused on the NIATx process improvement model, billing and finance, and how principles of motivational interviewing can apply to selling services.

In the weeks ahead, the conveners will present the same training to their local providers. “We’re excited about using this model to help the field prepare for health care reform and spread NIATx promising practices,” says Jeanne Pulvermacher, Project Manager

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