ACTION Campaign Grand Finale

Submitted by: 04/13/2011

When we launched the ACTION Campaign in October 2007, we could not have predicted how successful it would be. We introduced the NIATx model to nearly 2000 organizations that were eager to try process improvement.

Through promising practices and success stories delivered in free tutorial calls, webinars, and on our web site, the Campaign showed organizations how to make simple changes that can yield impressive results. Like these:

  • The Substance Abuse Services Center in Dubuque, Iowa, increased admissions to its gambling treatment program by 164% by improving its system for responding to crisis calls.
  • New Traditions, a substance abuse treatment center for women in Seattle, increased attendance in outpatient group sessions from 60% to 80%. The resulting increase in revenue allowed the agency to hire additional staff.
  • The Adanta Group, a community mental health center in Kentucky, made changes to improve staff scheduling that cut overtime costs by half.

These are just a few examples among many shared by providers who joined the Campaign. Do you have a story to share about a promising practice or NIATx technique that has helped your organization? Check out the "Share your Story” page on and send us your story or post it on our Facebook page.

And if you’re attending the 2011 NIATx Summit/SAAS National Conference (July 11-13, Boston), be sure to stop by the ACTION Campaign exhibit to tell us your story, have your picture taken, or even contribute to our YouTube channel. Join us in celebrating everything you’ve done to make the Campaign a success!

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