NIATx Presentations Around the Country

Submitted by: 05/13/2011 by NIATx NPO

NIATx may be coming to where you are! NIATx researchers will be presenting at a variety of conferences in the coming months. Members of our educational services team will also be presenting at NIATx Change Leader Academies. To invite a NIATx speaker to an upcoming conference or enroll in an upcoming NIATx Change Leader Academy, email

Tennessee Advanced School on Addictions Conference
Nashville, Tennessee
NIATX Process Improvement 101
Scott Gatzke
May 19, 2011 
Wisconsin Office of Rural Health 
Healthiest State in One Generation Conference
Appleton, Wisconsin 
NIATx: an Overview 
Tom Mosgaller
May 25, 2011
Safe 4 Kids Project
Houston, Texas
NIATx Change Leader Academy 
Betta Owens and Scott Gatzke
June 1–2, 2011 
Academy Health Conference
Seattle, Washington 
NIATx 200: Results 
Andrew Quanbeck 
Measuring and Improving Sustainability in Mental Health (MH) System Redesign within the Veterans Administration 
Jay Ford
June 14, 2011 
NIATx Change Leader Academy
New York
Amy McIlvaine and Mat Roosa
June 15–16, 2011
Academy of Management Annual Conference
San Antonio, Texas
Professional Development: Quality Improvement in Public and Non-profit Organizations 
David Gustafson and Andrew Quanbeck
August 13, 2011 
Addictions Studies Institute
Columbus, Ohio 
Rapid-cycle Testing 
Anna Wheelock 
August 18, 2011 
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