Pre-conference Workshops as the Summit - July 10, 2011

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SBIRT: A Service for Integrating With Your Local FQHC

Screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) is an ideal service for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). SBIRT improves people’s lives, reduces healthcare costs, and generates positive impacts for families and communities. A 2002 Wisconsin study showed that SBIRT saves nearly $1,000 in healthcare and criminal justice costs for every patient who receives SBIRT services. In this workshop, learn how to present the business case for SBIRT to your local FQHC. SBIRT experts Dr. Rich Brown and Michael Lardiere, Director of National Association of Community Health Centers, share strategies for making SBIRT a seamless and reimbursable addition to FQHC services.

Using the NIATx Third Party Billing Guide to create a billing system for your organization.

Learn how to get your third-party billing system up and running in this daylong workshop. In the morning, you’ll follow the step-by-step process for creating or improving your billing system outlined in the NIATx Third-party Billing Guide. In the afternoon, hear from participants in the 2010–2011 NIATx Fee-for-Service Learning Collaborative. Over the course of this nine-month project, organizations from six states worked on establishing a billing system, increasing contracts with third-party payers, and improving their collections. They’ll share the many and sometimes surprising lessons they learned along the way. You’ll take away skills, ideas, and promising practices to apply to your own third-party billing system.

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