Storyboard Competition at the NIATx Summit and SAAS National Conference

Submitted by: 06/10/2011
Keywords: NIATx Summit

Create a storyboard at the NIATx Summit and SAAS National Conference, and you could win an award! We’re providing the space and the materials. All you need to bring is your success story and your creativity.

To create your storyboard:
Stop by the registration desk for instructions and materials. Build your storyboard in a special storyboard assembly space on Sunday, July 11, from 9 am to 7pm.

We’ll display your storyboard in the Storyboard Gallery in the Exhibit Hall. Attendees can cast a vote for their favorite storyboard throughout the day on Monday.

Storyboards will be judged on four criteria:

  • The story: the change project story told is clear and interesting
  • Data: the storyboard shows outcomes using pre- and post-change data
  • Methods and tools: the storyboard names the process improvement tools used
  • Visual appeal: the storyboard is creative and easy to follow

NIATx change leaders and others experienced in process improvement will select three winners in the Judges’ Choice category. Three storyboards that receive the most votes from attendees will receive the Attendees’ Choice awards.

For more information, contact Stephanie Richards at:

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