NIATx Change Leader Academy Key to Professional Development

Submitted by: 03/12/2012 by Maureen Fitzgerald

Angie Maldonado, Program Director for Adolescent Outpatient Services at the Center for Drug-free Living in Orlando attended the very first NIATx Change Leader Academy in March 2006. "The academy was a real eye-opener," says Angie. "Even though I had been involved in implementing the NIATx model at the Center for Drug-Free Living, I had not had an intensive workshop on process improvement like the one that the academy offered. Light bulbs went off-I saw how I could implement process improvement in so many other ways at my organization."

Since earning her certification as an official NIATx Change Leader, Angie continued to develop her process improvement training skills, becoming a NIATx coach for state of Florida Substance Abuse Program Office. In that role, she contributed to SAPO's successful efforts to integrate substance abuse and mental health services. She's now involved with the state's projects with managing entities, prevention, and integrating primary care and behavioral health.

One of Angie's most rewarding experiences was as a coach for the NIATx Puerto Rico project. Over the course of that 18-month project, she helped participating agencies form a network that provides a seamless array of healthcare and social services to opioid dependent patients.

Says Angie, "Attending the NIATx Change Leader Academy has helped my professional development in so many ways. From an initial focus on helping my organization improve access and retention in addiction treatment, I'm now involved in leading improvement projects for mental health, prevention, and integration."

Registration is now open for the Spring 2012 NIATx Change Leader Academy, April 25-26, in Madison, Wisconsin!

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