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Message to the Executive Sponsor

In the NIATx model of process improvement, staff members work together to improve business processes that affect the four aims: reduce waiting time, reduce no-shows, increase continuation, and increase admissions.

An Executive Sponsor—typically the director or Chief Executive Officer of an organization—is responsible for authorizing the time and resources needed to complete the project successfully. The Executive Sponsor also designates a staff member as Change Leader to improve a process that influences one of the four aims. Together, the Executive Sponsor and the Change Leader agree on a plan for a Change Project: a process improvement initiative that targets one aim, one level of care, at one location, with one population.

The Change Leader is responsible for organizing and conducting the project. Together, the Executive Sponsor and Change Leader also assemble a Change Team, which includes staff members and, in same cases, customers.

This toolkit is designed to offer guidance on how to successfully accomplish the NIATx aims. The Milestones along the NIATx Way Add to portal show the steps that have worked in organizations similar to yours.