ACTION Webinars: Ideas and Networking

Submitted by: 06/10/2011 by NIATx NPO
Keywords: ACTION Campaign

Gail Raney serves as Assistant Director/CQI Coordinator for the Prairie Center, a substance abuse treatment center with three sites serving 5,000 people each year in central Illinois. ( Always seeking new ideas for improving Prairie Center’s services, Gail participated in almost every ACTION Campaign II webinar.

“Every webinar offered multiple solutions that we could try for our change projects at Prairie Center,” says Gail. “It was great to hear from others in the field about what works as well as what didn’t work so well.”

Gail uses the NIATx website frequently. “I think of it as a clearinghouse for change ideas,” she says. “It makes it very easy to teach others at Prairie Center about the NIATx model and rapid cycle change.”

Gail will be attending the 2011 NIATx Summit and SAAS National Conference in Boston. She’s looking forward to learning more about how Prairie Center can prepare for healthcare reform. And we hope she’ll be among the first to visit the ACTION Campaign Celebration booth! (See related story)

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