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ACTION Webinars: Ideas and Networking
06/10/2011 - NIATx NPO

Gail Raney serves as Assistant Director/CQI Coordinator for the Prairie Center, a substance abuse treatment center with three sites serving 5,000 people each year in central Illinois.

If you sing in the shower...
06/10/2011 - NIATx NPO

Or play the spoons, bring your star power to National Advocacy Campaign Open Mic Night and Fundraising Event at the NIATx Summit/SAAS Annual Conference in Boston, Tuesday, July 12, from 6–9 p.m.

Get the Royal Treatment at the 2011 NIATx Summit and SAAS National Conference
06/10/2011 - NIATx NPO

This year’s NIATx Summit and SAAS national conference marks the official end of the ACTION Campaign, and we’ve planned something unique to celebrate everything you’ve done to help make it a success.

ACTION Campaign II Fun Facts
05/13/2011 - NIATx NPO

The NIATx ACTION Campaign II launched at the 2009 NIATx Summit/SAAS National Conference in Tucson, July 29–August 1, 2009. With the Campaign coming to a close at the end of June, we like to share a few ACTION Campaign Fun Facts with you!

ACTION Campaign II Survey Contest Winners
06/01/2010 - NIATx NPO

Thanks to all who completed our ACTION Campaign II survey. And congratulations to all the winners of our survey contest.

Share Your Story - Inspire Others - And Win!
03/01/2010 - NIATx NPO

Enter the ACTION Campaign II Promising Practices Story Contest, and you could win an all-expense paid trip to the 2010 SAAS National Conference/NIATx Summit.

ACTION Items with Kim Johnson
02/01/2010 - NIATx NPO

Find out about the ACTION Campaign II promising practices for February, new team members, and a chance to win one of five free registrations to the 2010 SAAS National Conference/NIATx Summit.

Taking ACTION in California: Adopting Changes in Addiction Treatment
01/01/2010 - NIATx NPO

Five multi-county ACTION Campaign/NIATx Learning Collaboratives have been established in California as part of the “Adopting Changes in Addiction Treatment” project.

NIATx Year In Review
12/01/2009 - NIATx NPO

2009 has been an exciting year for NIATx, marking the conclusion of several innovative programs and the beginning of new ones.

ASAP Texas Launches ACTION II Learning Collaborative
12/01/2009 - NIATx NPO

In an effort to promote the use of process improvement practices by its members, ASAP Texas has launched a learning collaborative to share ideas and success stories through monthly conference calls and membership meetings.