Increase Admissions

These promising practices help increase admissions by increasing referrals and the percentage of referred clients who are admitted.


How will we rapidly know a change increases admissions from selected referrers?


The percentage of clients admitted who are referred by selected referrers will increase. Use the Referred Clients Admitted Tracking Form Add to portal for starting clients to track baseline and rapid-cycle change data.

Promising Practices

Learn what others have done, how they did it, lessons from the field, and how to test each promising practice using rapid PDSA cycles.

Use the following promising practices as inspiration for change in your organization—re-invent them, improve on them and be creative—and let us know what happens so that we can continue to enrich and expand the library of change ideas available to the entire NIATx network.

Promising practices to increase admissions that improve payer mix fall into three categories:

Increase Referred Clients who Get Admitted

Increase Targeted Referrals