Integration of Substance Abuse and Primary Care in FQHCs
NACHC/NIATx Collaborative

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Health Information Exchange Opportunities and Barriers for Behavioral Health
Camilla Hull Brown, and Todd Rowland
May 11, 2010

Summary:In this presentation, Todd Rowland and Camilla Brown begin with an introduction to the process of health information exchange (HIE). Following this, Rowland and Brown discuss the impact of the HITECH and Healthcare Reform acts. They conclude their presentation with an analysis on the relationship between HIE and behavioral health.

Addiction Resource Center's Experience - Implementing Medication Assisted Treatment
Eric Haram,
April 13, 2010

Summary:Eric Haram's presentation on implementing medication assisted treatment begins with a discussion of the prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse. He focuses on the efficacy of MAT in treating substance abuse patients and the efforts made to reduce the impact of opiate addiction on public health and safety.

Integrated Behavioral Health: What Have You Tried? How Has It Worked? What Next?
Kirk Strosahl,
March 9, 2010

Summary:At the beginning of his presentation, Dr. Kirk Strosahl provides a brief overview of what is covered. He includes several objectives some of which include: appreciate the range of integration models; characterize what’s been done so far; assess successes and setbacks, and conduct a self-assessment of one’s integration program.

Integrating Primary Medical Care and Behavioral Health Services: The New Mexico SBIRT Experience
Arturo Gonzales, Ana Moseley, Tom Peterson,
February 9, 2010

Summary:Ana Moseley et al. examine the role integration plays in the health care system. The presentation outlines some of the benefits of integrating behavioral health and primary medical care services. Additionally, it covers the essential tools and resources needed for successful integration.

Implementing SBIRT for Substance Abuse in Community Health Clinics
Eric Goplerud,, Ph.D., NIATx NACHC Learning Collaborative
December 7, 2010

Summary:In this presentation, Dr. Eric Goplerud discusses the importance of screening and education in the field of substance abuse. He provides several examples of evaluations and other assessment tools. Goplerud also explains the role brief interventions play in deterring alcohol abuse and the importance of developing a strong action plan.

Measures of Integration Performance
Todd Molfenter,, Co-Deputy Director, NIATx
November 12, 2010

Summary:This brief presentation aims to teach clients one of several strategies that help assess integration progress. It includes the role of measurement (i.e. common traits of business transformation) and data types which include evaluation and implementation.