Integration of Substance Abuse and Primary Care in FQHCs
NACHC/NIATx Collaborative

Coach Assignments

  • Michael R. Lardiere, LCSW (Contra Costa County Health Center)
    Director, Health Information Technology
    Sr. Advisor, Behavioral Health
    National Association of Community Health Centers
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  • Todd Molfenter, Ph.D. (Ohio North East Health Systems, Inc.)
    Co-Deputy Director, NIATx
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  • Aileen Wehren, Ed.D. (Project Samaritan - Palladia)
    Vice President Systems Administration
    Porter-Starke Services, Inc.
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  • Bill McFeature, Ph.D. (The Daily Planet VA)
    Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology
    Director, Integrative Behavioral Health Care Services
    Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems, Incorporated
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  • Eric Goplerud, Ph.D. (Greater Prince William Community Health Center)
    Director, Ensuring Solutions to Alcohol Problems
    George Washington University
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