Providing MAT-friendly support groups

Addiction carries with it a troubling amount of stigma. Admitting to a problem, seeking help, and staying with a program of self-management and recovery all are enormous obstacles to overcome.

In developing MAT services, treatment organizations must consider the local self-help communities. Do they accept and support people using medication to assist their recovery? Or, will the stigma often associated with MAT affect clients' access to recovery support groups? 

Often, people using medication-assisted treatment for any substance use disorder get conflicting messages from the recovery community.  Some mutual support groups believe that people using MAT are not truly in recovery.

Preparing patients for this and educating them on the boundaries of their own recovery and medications are important steps to integrate into your MAT program.

Medication-Assisted Recovery Service (MARS)

Medication Assisted Recovery Services (MARS) are popping up around the country. These peer-run self-help groups acknowledge medication as an important tool for sustaining recovery and wellness. 

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