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Health Reform Readiness Index Resources: A Provider Change Guide


Show links What is the timeline for implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

Show links What opportunities will be created by Healthcare Reform?

Show links Where can I keep updated on state actions and legislation on Healthcare Reform?

Show links What role will SAMHSA play in Healthcare Reform implementation?

Show links What role can state behavioral health authorities play in Healthcare Reform implementation?

Show links How prepared are behavioral health providers for Healthcare Reform?

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Patient/Family Role

Goal: Patients and family members are fully engaged in treatment.

Show links How do I make services more patient-centered and patient-friendly?

Show links How do I involve patients and their families in treatment?

Show links How do I get patient input into how to improve services?

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Evidence Based Treatment

Goal: MAT and clinical evidence-based

Show links What evidence-based practices should I be using?

Show links What are some proven practices for implementing clinical evidence-based practices?

Show links How do I implement medication-assisted treatment (MAT)?

Show links How do I implement Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)?

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Accountability for Patient Care

Goal: Provider focused on results or outcomes and assumes responsibility for patient's health.

Show links What are Accountable Care Organizations?

Show links What are the possible benefits of being part of an Accountable Care Organization?

Show links Is my agency ready to be part of a Patient Centered Medical Home model?

Show links What simple steps can we take to be more responsible for our clients’ care?

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Integrated Continuum of Care

Goal: Control or direct access to multiple levels of addiction, mental health and primary care

Show links What are some key areas we could focus on to improve clinical integration?

Show links How do I bring behavioral health services and primary care together?

Show links How can we partner with FQHCs to provide integrated care?

Show links How can we increase referrals to our agency?

Show links What are some promising practices for developing an integrated continuum of care?

Show links How can we help our clients navigate the “maze” of care?

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Board of Directors

Goal: Knowledgeable, accountable, and assists in accomplishing strategic goals.

Show links What does my Board need to consider in the changing landscape of health care delivery?

Show links How can the Board lead a culture shift in the organization?

Show links What can leaders achieve by “thinking outside the box” and networking with others?

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Goal: Appropriately licensed to meet standards established by accrediting, professional, and purchasing bodies.

Show links Workforce challenges are daunting. Where do I start?

Show links How do I find and keep productive people?

Show links How can I get staff buy-in to implement organizational change?

Show links How do I get staff input regarding high turnover rates?

Show links Why is it important to hire licensed clinical staff?

Show links What are national trends in the behavioral health workforce?

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Electronic Medical Records

Goal: Electronic medical record with diverse data entry points.

Show links Is there a toolkit for implementing Health IT?

Show links What are key elements to consider when implementing electronic behavioral/mental health records?

Show links How do I evaluate and select software that is right for us?

Show links What can I learn from other providers who have implemented EMR?

Show links What are the issues around client confidentiality and sharing electronic records?

Show links Where can I find out more about federal incentives, programs and certification for EMR?

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Holistic Care

Goal: Direct access to primary care and community-based wrap-around services.

Show links Where can I find resources for behavioral health wrap-around services?

Show links What are some successful models for providing wrap-around services?

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Goal: Track and report patient functioning, e.g., readmission, employment, education, etc.

Show links Why is it important to track outcomes?

Show links What measures are there for quality care management?

Show links What tools can I use to efficiently collect and share client data?

Show links Where can I find national behavioral health surveys and data?

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Quality Management

Goal: Improvement is on-going, addresses clinical and administrative systems, and part of the organizational culture.

Show links How can I improve my clinical systems?

Show links What measures and tools can I use to track improvements?

Show links What have other agencies done to create a culture of quality management?

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Health Technology

Goal: Health technology as a partner in treatment.

Show links What role can health technology play in addiction treatment?

Show links How can technology improve my clinical practice?

Show links How can clients benefit from using health technology?

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Business Information Technology

Goal: Integrated electronic data system for human resource, clinical record, billing, finance, and management functions.

Show links What is an ideal fully-integrated health information technology system?

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Goal: Have cash on hand for reserves and revenue.

Show links How do I assess and refine our agency’s business plan?

Show links How Do I Diversify My Revenue Stream?

Show links What is Episode-Based Payment?

Show links How Do I Increase Collections of Client Co-Pays?