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Sustaining change with NIATx: Community Mental Health Center of Lawrenceburg, Indiana
03/04/2015 - Community Mental Health Center, Inc

Based in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) operates 20 facilities, including five outpatient sites, in five counties (covering 1400 square miles) in southeastern Indiana. 

Walk-through stories
02/17/2015 - NIATx NPO

What's it like to be a customer of your organization? NIATx coaches share their favorite walk-through stories.

BH Business Learning Network Participants: “Results were immediate—enrollments began increasing right away”
02/17/2015 - NIATx NPO

“Results were immediate—enrollments began increasing right away” 

Learn-Do-Share approach drives the NIATx Change Leader Academy
02/17/2015 - NIATx NPO

The purpose of the NIATx Change Leader Academy (CLA) has remained constant over the years: to teach the basics of the NIATx model in a format that attendees can apply in their work settings as soon as they get back to their offices.

Congratulations to Network of Practice Kindle winner: Jason Schwartz, Clinical Director, Dawn Farm, Ypsilanti, Michigan
10/14/2014 - Dawn Farm

NIATx and the ATTC Network launched a new website, The Network of Practice, in August 2014. The goal of the site is to create an online community where addiction treatment professionals can connect with each other and with researchers to discuss evidence-based practices.

A free webinar from NIATx: Adopting Innovative Technology to Support Recovery: Lessons from payers
05/30/2014 - NIATx NPO

In this free one-hour webinar, 5 states and one county participating in a NIATx-led project describe their efforts to plan and implement technology to support treatment and recovery. 

2012 SAAS National Conference and NIATx Summit: Register now for the super early-bird rate!
03/12/2012 - NIATx NPO

Join us in New Orleans June 19-22 for this year’s SAAS National Conference and NIATx Summit.