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The NIATx Opioid Treatment Provider Learning Collaborative Success Stories
12/07/2010 - NIATx NPO

The NIATx Opioid Treatment Provider (OTP) Process Improvement Learning Collaborative concluded at the 2010 AATOD conference. Seventeen of 20 organizations that completed the project shared their success stories at a preconference workshop on October 24.

Integration of Substance Abuse and Primary Care in FQHCs Learning Collaborative
11/03/2010 - NIATx NPO

The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) and NIATx are partnering on a learning collaborative to give community health centers and their substance abuse treatment organization partners the tools and technical assistance they need to integrate substance abuse treatment services into their operations.

Taking ACTION in California: Adopting Changes in Addiction Treatment
01/01/2010 - NIATx NPO

Five multi-county ACTION Campaign/NIATx Learning Collaboratives have been established in California as part of the “Adopting Changes in Addiction Treatment” project.

ASAP Texas Launches ACTION II Learning Collaborative
12/01/2009 - NIATx NPO

In an effort to promote the use of process improvement practices by its members, ASAP Texas has launched a learning collaborative to share ideas and success stories through monthly conference calls and membership meetings.